Why Us?


With so many incredible photography options in Dallas, we know it is hard to choose. So we thought it would be fun to answer the question… Why us?

At Kimberly Wylie Photography, we love working with families who desire partnering with a photographer to artistically freeze time—one who also goes the extra mile and then ten more. Our clients welcome the idea that we obsess about the details so that they do not have to. Our specialty is creating dynamic wall-art, and our beautiful product line is curated from all over the world, many of which are lovingly made by hand.

When done properly, your walls can beautifully tell your personal story and transform your home into a haven. This process requires balance, creativity, and a discerning eye. After seventeen years, this is still our passion.

We are only able to add a few new clients each year. Keeping our community small allows us to focus on each family’s specific needs and preferences. If we sound like a great fit, then we would absolutely love to hear from you! 214-219-7003