It means the world to us when a client takes the time to write us a letter to express their appreciation. Each and every one of our clients are the reason we get to do what we love everyday and we could not be more thankful. We know you trust us with your memories and that is an honor. Thank you and thank you for your thank yous.




Kimberly Wylie and her team are phenomenal! Their professionalism is a priority throughout the process from the initial phone call for scheduling to the execution. But most importantly, the photography is amazing! Kimberly has a unique way of capturing our family and bringing the images to life on canvas. She has created photos of a lifetime that will be part of our family’s heritage for generations to come.

~Juanika and Monta Ellis



When Mandy first mentioned wanting to have pictures made with this “awesome” photographer that specialized in baby and toddler black and white photos, I was my typical skeptical self (the same skepticism that all guys have with respect to things that cost money!). Too foolish to understand the value of what we were buying, I carried a negative attitude all the way up until about 90 seconds into our shoot with Kim. It only took that long for me to see my little boy Jack completely respond to Kim and Jessica and to see the amazing shots that they were coaxing out of him. Even a fool could easily envision how amazing the pictures would turn out.

I have told anyone that will listen, that if I could grab just one “thing” out of my burning house before the whole thing went up in flames, that it would be the two canvas prints that I have of my buddy, my best friend, my little boy Jack. When you put it in that kind of perspective, the price that we paid is a pittance compared to the value those pictures have to me — the value that only an heirloom can claim. Thanks Kim and Jessica for the wonderful work that you do!
~David McLean



Kimberly Wylie has an incredible ability to truly capture our children’s personality in each and every picture. We have used her for our newborn pictures, our pregnancy pictures and will continue to use her as our children grow. Kim’s work covers the walls of our home! She is a very talented photographer and we highly recommend her.
~Amanda and Justin Leonard



I am happy to be provided an opportunity to recommend Kimberly Wylie as my family photographer of choice! She is wonderful to work with and her artistic talents have awarded us with fabulous family photos that we treasure and look forward to each year! She is amazing with kids and pets and makes family photography as easy and smooth as it can me. Kimberly will see your vision and capture it for beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!
~Tavia and Clark Hunt



Kimberly Wylie began photographing our twin girls, Hannah and Charlotte, when they were newborns in 2005 and she continues her magic several times a year for our family. Kim has an amazing ability to truly capture each individual persons personality and mannerisms in a single image. She has created an irreplaceable collection of memories in still images from newborn milestones, toddler tricks, and snowball fights to formal portraits, dancing divas and family fun. Our home is a gallery of Kim’s beautiful photographs and I find myself stopping and looking at them all the time thinking “Remember when….”.

But the Kimberly Wylie family is so much more than just Kim. Jessica welcomes you and makes you feel special every time you come to view your session images or just call to discuss something with her. We have laughed and cried with her and she helps us design our albums and make the perfect image choices for our walls. We have never left a session feeling like we missed something, usually we find ourselves with too many wonderful choices and images and Jessica always makes the process easy and fun. Each and every time we work with any of the staff at Kimberly Wylie, from Catherine who is there to answer my session questions and solve my last minute wardrobe crisis’ to Shayla who makes the girls laugh and stay focused to the production team who makes every order perfect for pick up, we always feel special and a part of their family. We highly recommend the Kimberly Wylie family.”
~ Jeff and Laura McCoy



When we moved from the New York City area to Dallas, we didn’t have much of an idea of where to go to capture the “babyhood” of our son, who was just a month old when we arrived. But our realtor was kind enough to give us this little book “Little Dallas,” and we admired the photography in that book, which was done by Kimberly Wylie. So we took a bit of a flyer and booked an appointment for a photo shoot with Kim the month after our move, and we were simply blown away and speechless with the results. The images were simply breathtaking. We’ve been loyal clients ever since, filling nearly every available piece of wall space in our house with Kim’s pictures of our son and more recently of our baby girl. Equally important, along the way, Kim and Jessica became dear friends as well. We feel lucky to count ourselves among your clients and your friends.
~Jared and Jeanette Rusman



When anyone asks for a photography reference, Kimberly Wylie Photography is the name we share VERY proudly. She’s a spectacular, creative, and thoughtful artist. Her images are pure art! She puts time and thought into each shoot and each image. Each image captures a moment-in-time of our children’s’ lives. These images allow us to proudly share and revisit these times with each person who visits our home.
~Stephanie and Courtney Lindley



KWP instantly became like our second family from the first time we met them. Kim, Jessica and the KWP family have always helped us create the memories that we are looking for. They listen to what our goals are for each session and then give us advice on where to go each year for the photography of our three children. Our sessions are never rushed yet calm and relaxing to ensure we capture the photo we are looking for. We have found that we not only have a business relationship but a lifelong friendship. We have been with since 2006 and we continue to come back for our annual visits (wishing they were more frequent) even though we are miles away in a different state. Thanks for capturing the priceless memories our family that we will cherish forever. KWP holds a very special place in our hearts!! Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary!! Here’s to 15 more…. : )
~The Mahan Family



We are thrilled with the attention to detail that Kimberly Wylie provides for her customers. Not only is she precise in her work, but we feel as though we have become part of her extended family. My husband and I went to Kimberly Wylie a month after our first child was born, not knowing what to expect. That first session was particularly important to us not only because we wanted wonderful pictures of our newborn son, but because my father-in-law would be attending the shoot with us, and we knew he was gravely ill. It was crucial for our family that we capture my father-in-law’s essence, the man we would always remember him to be, and the man we would want our children to know. Kimberly and Jessica understood how important that was for us, and made it a priority to give us as much time as we needed to make the shoot a successful one.

Unfortunately, my father-in-law passed away six months later, but I can proudly say we have beautiful pictures of him with his son and grandson… priceless possessions for us. Now we know what to expect from Kimberly Wylie… wonderful pictures from a creative team of experts who treat us as part of the family.
~Kim and John Kinzer



Randee and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your wonderful photographs of Bobby and Ava’s earliest expressions. While most of our lives we won’t remember, there will be times that will forever be pressed in our memories – occasions that define the special events of our lives. What magic moments you captured for us throughout the past three years. The resulting portraits are truly gifts that we will cherish forever. Thank you for fulfilling the wishes from which nursery tales are written. You made a little dream, BIG! So magnificent your art, so grateful our hearts.
~Randee and Bobbi Ruiz



I want to thank you again for the beautiful Christmas cards. I have gotten so many nice notes about it; people have gone out of their way to contact me and tell me how much they love it. One friend, who works in advertising, said it was the “best produced” Christmas card she received, and another friend, who works in PR, said it was so beautifully done that it looks like a magazine ad.

So THANK YOU for sharing your talent with us and giving us an amazing keepsake. I am so grateful to have this moment in time captured and given to us in such a way that we can share it with the people we love.
~Ashley Carter