We are blessed to have had many incredible opportunities to give back to our community and also to be featured in various magazines, newspapers and TV spots locally, as well as nationally. We thought it would be fun to share some of these features with you!


THE Magazine of the Professional Photography Industry

In life, there are things that you hope for and dream about. These things might even be on your bucket list. For Kim, having something published in her favorite magazine, Professional Photographer, was high on her list. The honors below are some of her most proud moments in her photographic career. Thank you for letting us share them with you.

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Kim’s Very First Magazine Cover!

This image is one of our favorites. We had the opportunity to go to Hollywood and work with some people in the talent industry. This shoot was a creative dream. The dad had a house full of gorgeous natural light & some amazing artwork. Kim used the artwork in a lot of her shots as backgrounds and we had a blast playing around trying all kinds of different ideas. Harris was a natural and so much fun to shoot. To land the cover with this shot was icing on the cake!


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Woman in Love: Kimberly Wylie’s Passion for Photography

The day Kim found out she was going to not only get a full feature in Professional Photographer but also the cover was possibly one of her most exciting days of her career. You would have thought she won a million dollars… She was jumping up and down and running through the hallway like a kid at Christmas. The feature was so much fun to read and it brought tears to our eyes to read about all our hard work and our journey printed in a magazine. BONUS: The feature also won a Gold GAMMA Award! Whoo Hoo!


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Kim’s Second Magazine Cover!

Not only were we beyond thrilled to land another cover but the bonus here is that the subject is Kim’s one and only beautiful niece. This portrait was taken during her summer trip to Dallas. A fun overlay treatment was incorporated into the final portrait allowing texture to create another layer of interest to the piece. It sure made for an incredible cover, way to go Emma!



A Splash of Color: Kimberly Wylie diversifies her child portrait products

It is very rare that the same photographer gets a cover and a full feature twice yet alone so close together. We were beyond humbled and excited to find out this incredible news. It was fun to share with everyone how Kim’s work has evolved from starting out as a black & white photographer to a digital photographer who has found a new passion of incorporating her portraits with color.


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Living the Dream: A Monthly Column

Kim’s love affair with this magazine only got sweeter this year when she was asked to write a monthly column sharing some of our experiences, mistakes we have made, philosophies and general insight into how we built our business. It is fun and she actually learns a lot each month when she sits and is forced to quite her brain and formulate all that we do into 1,200 words or less. Each month the magazine comes out… its a big celebration at KWP!




EMHE: Our Behind the Scenes Experience

When we were asked to come to El Paso and be part of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, we could not have been more excited. What an incredible opportunity!

We worked with the Ruiz family before they were sent off to the Bahamas while Extreme built them a brand new home. During our time with the deserving Ruiz family, we were able to capture their family in a series of portraits that really showed their spirits. The design team from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was so excited about the images Kim took that they changed the layout of the main room and the color scheme in order to be able to do an INCREDIBLE display of 44 wall portraits. We were humbled and floored by the whole experience.

It was such an honor to be able to use our skills to create these art pieces for such a deserving and sweet family. Kim made tons of new friends and overall had a life changing experience. It was a blast to see how a TV show, such as this, is filmed and how the crew and talent of the show have the most giving hearts. They are one big family on the set and it was a blast to be a small part of that even if it were only for one week. Watch the video below for a peek into Kim’s behind the scenes experience. All the hard work was totally worth it to see the look on the Ruiz’s faces when they saw “The Wall”! Thanks EMHE for such an awesome experience!






Over the past few years, we have had the privilege of having many different segments on FOX 4’s Morning Show, GOOD DAY. Here are a few favorites:


Look Your Best in Portraits:

This was a segment that was based on giving tips to look your personal best in your next session. We cover how to get rid of double chins, how to part your hair to look your best and how to avoid blinking. Great information and Shayla and Jessica were the fun models!



Take Better Pictures of Your Kids:

This was a segment that was based on giving tips to take better pictures of your kids at home. This was one of our favorite segments because Kim’s son got to go on the show with her and be on TV. Aren’t he and Ari, one of our favorite little girls, just stinkin’ adorable?



Tips for Great Summer Photos:

This segment gives some great tips on how to take better pictures during the summer — We also go over a couple quick things to do if you have a camera emergency!



Take Perfect Bluebonnet Pictures:

This segment was great. It only took Kim 9 times of being on this show to finally feel comfortable and not nervous. We talked about tips to getting great shots in the Texas wildflowers and things to be careful of when doing so.




The Walls and Halls of Hope

After 2 years of working on getting all the images and logistics together, in May 2008, we were able to donate a large art display to the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. The idea came about after working with a client who had very premature triplets. We wanted to do something that would give back to our community who has done so much in supporting our business and dream. It was our turn to give. We created the Walls and Halls of Hope with the goal of giving newly admitted parents something hopeful to look at during their long journey in the NICU. The halls are now lined with happy portraits of miracle babies who made it against all odds. It is very powerful to know how incredibly strong a 1 pound baby can be.


Subsequently, in 2010, we were asked to do another installment into the Labor and Delivery section of the hospital. We had a blast doing this second installment and this time it was a body of work focused on color imagery. The response of the patients, doctors, nurses and community has been greater than anything any of us dreamed. It is true when you give from your heart, you get more in return. This has been one of the most fulfilling projects we have ever done and it makes us happy to know it is creating smiles and hope everyday.