We have selected a variety of locations that will fit many styles and home decors as well as provide a large variety of options over the years of us working together. Once you have paid for your session retainer, we will send you an online location guide to help in this selection.

Location Matters...

Second in importance is what you and your family decides to wear to your session. We have created an online guide that we will also email you that assists in this process by giving you invaluable tips as well as many outfit combination ideas. Additionally, we have a stylist from Nordstroms that can assist you in coming up with the perfect combination of clothing that coordinates without becoming too closely matched. We also love it when clients email us pictures and we can offer our advice based on your location selection.

Look your best and we will take care of the rest!

On the day of your session, we want you to be excited!!! Many families arrive very stressed as it is hard to get everyone ready while also having to look great yourself. Time and time again, they leave saying they wished they had known there was nothing to be stressed about because we take care of everything once you arrive. Kim and her assistant have worked for years on coming up with the best system to get amazing images and bringing out the joy and range of emotion of each member of the family. A typical child or family session lasts about 45 minutes while a newborn lasts around an hour and a half.

Let the fun begin!

The best part of the session is when you can take a deep breath and know that it is all done! At this point, we will schedule your ordering appointment to make your art selections. Your order will be due that day so please keep this in mind when booking it. Please see the Ordering Process for details on how to get prepared for this appointment by measuring and taking pictures of your walls.

See You Soon...