Why Us?

Why Us


With so many incredible photography options in Dallas, we know it is hard to choose. So we thought it would be fun to answer the question… Why us?

~ We have one of the best looking bathrooms in town! 🙂

~ We absolutely LOVE what we do and believe it shows in every part of our work.

~ Our mission is to capture the different stages and amazing personalities of your family through artful photography. Our main goal is not to just get a great image of your children, but ones that also have the little ‘twinkle’ in their eyes. Making sure we capture their spirit is our specialty.

~ We are not just a photography studio. We make sure to take care of you from start to finish. A small sampling of what we do includes helping you coordinate outfits, designing unique collections of art to make a statement with your home decor and custom designing albums, birth announcements and holiday cards. We even have professionals to help you hang your art when it is ready. We are a full service studio that will take care of you every step of the way.

~ After over 15 years of specializing in children’s photography, we have a ton of experience working with all different personalities so we can make sure we get that ‘perfect’ shot. When you say, my kids won’t give a ‘real’ smile or sit still for anyone to take their picture…we consider that a fun challenge!

~ We are personal in our business. Once you come to us, you are no longer a client but a friend. We will take care of you.

~ We love watching your children and family grow. You are just as much a part of our traditions as we hope to be a part of yours.

~ We truly care that you look your best and guarantee that you not only like your images when you see them, but that you will love them.

~ We have a timeless, creative and artistic approach to children’s photography. We know what you want and we won’t stop until we are sure we got it.

~ Kimberly Wylie Photography is an award winning studio, experienced and trusted in the community started by two best friends over 15 years ago.

Overall, we care so much about what we do that we will do everything we can to make your experience unforgettable. We can’t wait to meet you soon!